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Fun in the Yellow Pages

At school year's end, twelve-year-old Pierson was at the top of his class and on top of the world in general. That's when his parents announced their summer plans: the family was heading to the mountains of Pennsylvania. Tucked away from civilization for three months, they would live like pioneers. To Pierson, a typical suburban kid, the announcement was a sentence of exile. To make matters worse, his obnoxious fifteen-year-old cousin, Will, was invited to join them.

At the remote cabin the boys are stuffed together in a tiny, unlit loft. Pierson learns to deal with a roommate who towers over him, threatens him and snores like a freight train! But dealing with Will teaches him lessons that will stay with him forever. Through the love of a discarded horse, the boys learn from one another and discover a new part of themselves in the process.


IndieReader Discovery Awards 2012
Kids Fiction Category

Fun in the Yellow Pages was utilized as part of the curricula in several school districts for their middle school literary circles. Study guide available upon request


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Notes of Interest

Setting: Present day—Rural Pennsylvania

Before Pen to Paper: Having older brothers and as the mother of two boys, I often saw the wrangling and rivalry between brothers as they came of age. I had also recently lost my darling thoroughbred/quarter cross, Wynnewood Symphony. In a tribute to Symphony, I used the emotions of one loss to deal with the complexities of the other.

paperback ISBN: 0-9657403-7-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-4566-0370-0


**Children's study guide available upon request**


"Author Groover effectively portrays the healthy partnerships and relationships in Pierson’s family, and how their love and loyalty gets Will through his tough times so he is able to have a good relationship with his mother. Fun in the Yellow Pages teaches a wonderful lesson about nurturing others to heal oneself. This heartwarming tale about love and family will have make you laugh and cry and will appeal to readers, especially animal lovers, aged 10 years and up. " 5 Stars

Maya at Indie Reader

"'Fun In the Yellow Pages' is entertaining and highly recommended reading and will be especially engaging for reading reluctant boys."

Midwest Book Review

"This book is just plain fun to read...The language is stronger in interactions between the two cousins in the beginning, but no swear words are used at any time. The book is full of Christian principles, although no references to God or church are used. There are no gory details of the abuse and definitely no sexual content... This book would be good for ages 9-12. It could be used as supplemental reading for character development or just for fun. This is a good book."

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Warning! For children only! Bobbi Groover's story of a dreaded family vacation is targeted at kids between the ages of eight and eleven, but it can be a big help for a parent wanting to curl up with their own latest book purchase. With you at one end of the couch and your child at the other, you can share an hour of quiet time, each with your own book in hands. An oblique examination of domestic abuse as discovered in the context of another emotionally healthy family, Fun in the Yellow Pages delivers positive messages for a young reader. The need for sympathy, tolerance and understanding when dealing with others is explored through the precocious eyes of twelve-year-old Pierson...

A contained, happily-ending story, Fun in the Yellow Pages explores troubling issues without graphic detail. This story is appropriate for all sorts of children -- if they like horses, or are an only child, or know an older or bullying child, live in the city, suburbs, or in a rural area,

Fun in the Yellow Pages has something familiar and engaging for them."

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