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Carmack Dimwitty


I’m lost in a world apart from the world;
lost in a world of my own.
Knights in armor and ladies fair,
beautiful princess, let down your hair.
Lost in a world of my own.

Why must life be so harshly real
and throw up its sorrows at me?
There’s too much to think of and too much to feel,
that never content can I be.

Where is the cavalier destined to be
astride his white charger come calling for me?
Where are the duels to be fought for my heart?
Replaced by the tensions that tear me apart.
Where is the strength on which I can call?
If, in fact, I have any at all.
Can you find within you a place in your heart
and join me here in my world apart?

I live and survive in this world of my own.
It has beauty that knows no bounds.
It’s a world with grace and a place to call home
with all those my love surrounds.


Published in Season of the Shadow


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