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Unsung Symphony


The snow falls deep, the drifts are steep;
what thrill to ride through white.
We canter the sky in my mind’s eye
O’er brightly, twinkling lights.

At Christmas time deep in my mind
I dream of my dear friend;
who gave to me a precious gift
while I was on the mend.

God gave to me my Symphony
to pull me from my pain;
Symph taught me I had naught to lose
and everything to gain.

Step by step, ever careful he kept
me secure upon his back.
Hour after hour, day after day
we plodded ‘round the track.

Many times a day my balance strayed
but never did I fall;
Symph felt my shift, swerved under me
to keep me sitting tall.

Still, in my dreams at night it seems
my accident ne’er occurred;
the music swells, I’m jumping well
and the lion in me purred.

Symph gave me back ME and set me free,
a gift which ultimately
can ne’er be taught, at no cost be bought—
he restored my dignity.

Published in The National Library of Poetry


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